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Keats Bohannon | Next Play Athlete of the Month

May 02, 20244 min read

"Accountability is crucial in the recruiting process, you’re less likely to do things that could potentially benefit you and overcome rejection if you don’t have those encouraging you and holding you accountable to do so." - Keats Bohannon

Athlete of the Month

We're thrilled to introduce our Athlete of the Month.

Every month, we recognize and celebrate the dedication, passion, and hard work of an outstanding athlete in our VIP community.

We call them 'Next Play Athletes' because they are disciplined, determined, and don't let anything stop them from achieving what they want.

They always move forward because they stay focused on their Next Play.

Size and talent alone don't make up who they are; heart and character do.

They actively seek coaching and accountability, working tirelessly to improve crucial skills such as marketing and selling themselves.

Meanwhile, their peers often wait for coaches to approach them and then resort to making excuses.

It is always one of the hardest decisions to make.

That said, this month we would like to honor, congratulate, and recognize, Keats Bohannon.


A few quick facts about Keats Bohannon:

  • Position: WR/TE/QB

  • School: Weatherford High School

  • Goal: Secure a D1 Football Offer

  • Offer: University of the Incarnate Word (D1)

  • Signed: University of the Incarnate Word (D1)


A few quotes and insights from our athlete of the month:

1. What inspires you to work so hard towards earning a scholarship?

"My love for football, pursuit of higher education, and plan for financial stability inspire me to work for a scholarship."

2. Why did you think it was important to start this process now?

"I started the recruiting process late, and really wanted to reach the D1 Level. I wish I would have started sooner like my freshman or sophomore year"

3. How important is accountability in achieving your scholarship?

"Accountability is crucial in the recruiting process, you’re less likely to do things that could potentially benefit you and overcome rejection if you don’t have those encouraging you and holding you accountable to do so."

4. What do you believe stops athletes from getting a scholarship?

"Many things can stop someone from getting a scholarship. I know in my own personal situation that rejection was really hard. If you don’t have people pushing you to get through the rejection it can kill your recruiting process."

5. What do you believe is the biggest reason that gets in their way?

"Being rejected sucks, and isn’t something that sucks just in the context of recruiting. Everyone wants to feel wanted by a school or a coach, and it’s hard to hear when you aren’t."


Are you inspired by his story and journey?

Keats Bohannon isn't just another aspiring collegiate athlete—he's a testament to the power of persistence and the relentless pursuit of a dream, with a system, mentorship, and accountability.

From his humble beginnings at a local high school in Texas to receiving a D1 offer from the University of Incarnate Word, Keats has always been about more than just football; he went out and created opportunities.

Starting late in the game didn't stop him either...

Instead, Keats embraced the challenge, turning every rejection and setback into a "Next Play."

He realized that if you want something badly enough, waiting isn't an option...

You have to go out and get it.

His journey wasn't easy. Keats spent countless hours sending emails, managing DMs, and reaching out to coaches across the country.

He wasn't just sending messages; he was selling a dream—the dream of playing D1 football, and more importantly, the dream of being the best version of himself.

Persistence paid off when he finally caught the attention of coaches at Incarnate Word, a school that had been on his big board from the start.

What sets Keats apart is his entrepreneurial mindset. He didn't just play the game; he played the system, understanding early that selling himself effectively was just as crucial, or even more so, than just play on the field.

This skill, he believes, is what will not only make him a better athlete but also a big-time professional in any field after the game.

As Keats steps onto the field for Incarnate Word, he does so not just as a player, but as a proven fighter, someone who has learned the art of marketing and selling himself, embracing rejection, and pushing past limits.

He lives by the mantra that being comfortable with discomfort is the key to growth.

Keats Bohannon is not just playing for now; he's gearing up for life.

He's an inspiration for any young athlete who thinks they've started too late or is facing a lot of rejection.

His message is clear: Start now, push through the hardships, and never underestimate the power of persistence with a system, mentorship, and accountability.

We're all just beginning to witness the rise of Keats Bohannon, but one thing is certain—with his track record of determination and resilience, the sky's the limit.


Richie Contartesi, Founder of Next Play

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